On Sun, 31 Oct 2010, Owen wrote:

> Hi,
> You don't say so can you tell;
> Do you already have a gimp installed on you linux computer?
> If so what version is it?
> Where are you trying to build gimp, ie --PREFIX=?
> If the prefix is /opt, then have you set the paths to /opt, ie
> PATH=/opt:$PATH
> Perhaps tell us what your distro is?

I have gimp 2.2.13 installed on my system, in /usr/bin/gimp. My 
distribution is Scientific Linux 5.5, i.e. a version of Redhat Enterprise 

I'm trying to build gimp in /usr/local. I successfully installed the babl 
libraries in /usr/local/lib/babl-0.0. The next step, before compiling gimp 
itself, is to install gegl. The configure script for gegl runs 
successfully (after I inserted the correct path in PKG_CONFIG_PATH), but 
the compilation fails with the errors in my original posting.

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