>I'm not an expert Gimp user so maybe I'm just not looking in the right place 
>for this.  I've been Googling for hours and finally gave up.

>I need to shape an image to follow a path or curve.  Since I can't do it, I'm 
>not sure how I can show you what I mean, but imagine the palm branch that 
>flows around the edge of a medal.  I have a long slender image of a braid 
>(3/4" x 10") I need to shape like that around a 5" circle.  Polar Coordinates 
>seems to be the place to start but it creates a huge curve and I can't see how 
>to force it any smaller.  This is much like making text follow a curve or 
>path, but I need my image to follow the path.  I've thought about converting 
>the image to a really big font symbol so I could manage it like a text 
>character but I've not figured out how to go about that.

>This is evidently something others have sought and no one has found a solution 
>for yet.  Is there none?

>Any help?


maybe arclayer

http://registry.gimp.org/node/8261 and 

an example


If using windows you will need to install python, not as difficult as it used 
to be. AFAIK the various modules are now compatible, only snag, you would have 
to uninstall gimp and reinstall after python. see:


rich (via gimpusers.com)
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