11/17/2010 6:21 PM keltezéssel, audiocontr írta:
> I'm looking to mass produce an effect on hotspots much like the following:
> Take at 
> http://www.directionsmag.com/images/newsletter/2007/10_week1/DC_CIKR_lg.jpg
> It contains hotspots on a 2d map. These hotspots are nothing more than pngs I 
> generate, and apply to the 2d map. I'd like to apply a "gel" to them that 
> almost looks like several layers of clear enamel, or gel. has been applied on 
> top - and almost clings to the shapes of the blobs. It would extend a few 
> pixels beyond the edges, relatively clear in nature (but have shadow and 
> reflexive qualities from its textures).
> Ive created a few versions but none give the effect im after. The 
> glossy/clear effect of the gel has been all but impossible to generate. Any 
> tips?
> I'd eventually like to lock down the workflow and batch script the process to 
> a whole directory of images. That comes down the road though...
Hi, I don't know how to make a nice gel effect, but if I were you, I 
would experiment with methods used in creating metallic effects to make 
a shiny, 3d looking surface. I have once followed a good tut that I 
think can be useful for your purpose too:

Of course, you will have to change this workflow to make a gel-like 
effect. I suppose that adding some transparency to your layer and using 
proper colors can solve this.

Best regards,

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