On 11/18/2010 03:17 PM, gnagflow wrote:
> I installed Python 2.6.6 - 32bit on a PC HP Elite 7100 with i7-860 processor 
> (64-bit) and the other necessary software components according to the install 
> pyton Fu tutorial on this web site.
> After that I installed gimp 2.6.11. I see the Menu-Item Python-Fu under 
> Filters after start of gimp.
> But if I klick on Python-Fu, the Python-Fu Panel doesn't open (at least not 
> visible). I can see that the mouse cursor changes for a short time but no 
> visible result. Did somebody have the same problem?
Start gimp from a command prompt/shell terminal session with the 
--verbose parameter and see if you see things in the output.

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