i'm using Gimp 2.6.10 on Ubuntu 10.10. When I save a Gimp file on my 
network share (Samba via gnome-vfs) it works, but when I save it a 
second time and reopen the file again, everything is lost - i just see 
an empty (transparent) canvas. There is no error message. It looks like 
I can avoid that problem, if I would save every change with "Save as 
..." as a new file - which is not a feasible way in practice.

I could not reproduce the problem by saving a Gimp file to my local 
harddisc. So I've tested to save a file to a SFTP/SSH-remote drive (also 
via gnome-vfs). In that case - when I reopen the file - Gimp gives an 
error message, that the file is damaged and cannot be opened.

Until now, there have been no problems with other applications saving 
data via gnome-vfs and the latest Ubuntu updates are also applied to my 

Has someone recognized similar problems?
What can I do to localize the problem further?
Any hints?

Thanks, Michael...
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