It occurred to me that if you copied the layer 
containing an image, turned the copy's saturation all 
the way down and the lightness up using the hue 
saturation tool, made sure the copy was above the 
original layer then turned the opacity of the copy 
layer down it might look like a gel effect and it did!  
You could use a layer mask to restrict the effect to 
only some areas or maybe paint in the splashes of white 
or gray here or there for more highlights.  Maybe use a 
gradient or two to play with it.  Play with the modes 
of the copy layer.  Addition seems to enhance the gel 
effect.  Multiply doesn't look like gel but is 
dramatic.  Burn is a really cool effect.  Soft light 
works great with this too.  Difference looks like a 
color negative.  Value gives a strange op art effect.  
I like being playful.

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