>11/24/2010 12:13 PM keltezéssel, hannes61 írta:
>> Wouldn't it be great if every tool could be used as an
>> eraser?
>> Using the Airbrush in one color and removing something
>> with it by choosing transparency.
>> This has the effect that the eraser has the same
>> properties as the chosen tool.
>> For example the softness of airbrush. The effect of
>> smudging,...
>> I would like to have something like that. :-)
>Actually, this is possible. Change Mode to Color erase. If you have an 
>alpha channel on the layer, it will erase to transparency.

>Best regards,

This is not the same. 
This removes the color i had selected. 
If you use black and set the mode to color erase. 
Black is removed but all white parts stay. 
This is very cool, but does not work as the eraser,
which does not differ on which color i selected.

It could gibe a mode erase. That's what i miss. 

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