>On 11/24/2010 03:01 PM, hannes61 wrote:
>>> 11/24/2010 12:13 PM keltezéssel, hannes61 írta:
>>>> Wouldn't it be great if every tool could be used as an
>>>> eraser?
>>>> Using the Airbrush in one color and removing something
>>>> with it by choosing transparency.
>>>> This has the effect that the eraser has the same
>>>> properties as the chosen tool.
>>>> For example the softness of airbrush. The effect of
>>>> smudging,...
>>>> I would like to have something like that. :-)
>>> Actually, this is possible. Change Mode to Color erase. If you have an
>>> alpha channel on the layer, it will erase to transparency.
>>> Best regards,
>>> Abel
>> This is not the same.
>> This removes the color i had selected.
>> If you use black and set the mode to color erase.
>> Black is removed but all white parts stay.
>> This is very cool, but does not work as the eraser,
>> which does not differ on which color i selected.
>> It could give a mode erase. That's what i miss.
>> :-) (SOMETIMES)

>Wouldn't that be merely applying the tool to the layer mask?

Sorry, i don't understand your question. :(
It would behave as a transparent area in the image
or in the mask, depending where the drawing tool has been used. 

And yes, sometimes it would replace the use of a mask.

But maybe your are right, this is not needed, cause
it could be done by using a mask. 
Black is delete or painting and white the opposite. 

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