> The DPI is just an indication... the only place where it really matters
> is in the "New image" dialog where instad of entering a dimension in
> pixels you can enter a size in inches/centimers and a DPI. Otherwise the
> only thing that really counts is the size in pixels.

It does make a very big difference if one is using scaled viewing
rather than dot for dot. (View->Dot for Dot checked or unchecked)

When dot for dot is checked, the image DPI doesn;t matter as one image
dot will be shown as one screen dot.

When dot for dot in unchecked, however, the image DPI and screen PPI
will be used to calculate the display size, so a 300px by 300px image
that is 300dpi will be shown as 1" by 1" (or 72px by 72 px for a
screen resolution of 72PPI) at 100% when the dot-for-dot is unchecked,
and 4.16 by 4.16 inches (300px by 300px) on the same 72PPI screen.

-Rob  A>
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