I followed the instructions for creating a panorama from 4 pictures in the
Beginning Gimp book (Apres - AkkanaPeck) and it looks great except I have a
dark vertical shadow where two of the images meet. How do I get rid of it? I
am working on Linux Debian testing with Gimp 2.6.10.

Briefly, this is what I did:
1. Make an new image a little larger than 4 X the width of one picture
2. Add first picture as a layer.
3. Add the second as another layer
4. Overlap image two over image one until they line up.
5. Add layer mask to image 2
6. Add gradient to layer mask - black to white from edge of second image to
3/4 of the way to edge of image 1
7. Repeat as needed for each new image

By looking at the image, I would say the vertical band of darkness is the
area of the gradient/overlap of the two images. I am a complete novice at



P.S. I have also tried Hugin, which I could not get to work, and the gimp
panorama plugin, which produce the same problem as above.
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