On Saturday 04 December 2010, Greg Chapman wrote:
> Hi Mike,
> On 04 Dec 10 01:25 mikethedj4 <for...@gimpusers.com> said:
> > I was wondering, for later questions, and such is there any way to
> > embed images, and such on this forum, maybe via HTML???
> No!


Actually Greg, your heavy handed reply does not answer the question in a 
helpful manner.

Yes many of us are stuck in the last century, fighting the good fight. The 
realities of todays internet have changed. It is still considered poor form 
to post html messages (and extremely long signatures, pgp keys etc)to most 
mailing lists, (including this one) but there are other methods available. 
For that reason, Where Greg said 

"No!" I have to say no, but it is not difficult to post links to images which 
may be viewed by list members. I would suggest uploading your image to a 
site such as...
and then including the generated link in your text based email.

I uploaded this image for an example (note, this is not my work and I claim 
no ownership of right to distribute the linked image,)

see ya
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