Hey all,

I am an Entertainment Design student, and I intend to create a set of at least 
THIRTY freely licensed Fantasy Portraits crafted in a painterly style, to be 
used in games and media by anyone! All of the portraits will be released dually 
under both the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license and GPL 3.0. 
These portraits will likely be used in a great many open source and free media 
projects, but they are being specifically crafted for the OSARE project, an 
open source computer game with all its 3D assets created in BLENDER, currently 
being developed with inspiration from games like Diablo and Heroes of Might and 
Magic. But because of the license I am choosing, they could be used for any 
number of projects from other video and computer games of different varieties, 
to print board games and rpgs, to modules and adventure scenarios or for use in 
other media. And what's more is that the portraits used in OSARE will have 
their game models based on my portraits.

I have started a Kickstarter project to raise 1500 dollars to pay for my spring 
term at Concept Art Academy in Pasadena. And those who back me will have their 
likenesses used for the portraits, so if you back the project, I will paint you 
(or a loved one) as a fantasy hero and you will potentially be a character 
(with a model) in the game

I am over $1000 with about 18 or 19 days left. And I have instituted some 
additional goals. Since it seems likely I will reach my goal of $1,500 and then 
some, if I reach $2000, I will be creating a minimum of 35 portraits, and if I 
reach $3000 I will be creating a full length video tutorial on my painting 
process in GIMP.

So help support artists working on open source projects and get a portrait of 
yourself or a loved on done in the process!


I hope to be painting you soon,


JustinNichol (via gimpusers.com)
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