>Hello David and thank you for the quick reply!

>Now, using the word "Canvas" rather than "Drawable area" makes things a lot
>more sane immediately, and your
>explanation is accurate and acceptable.

Maybe this is the same situation I have.

I have a picture (picture 1).
I expand the size of the canvas to make room to copy another picture beside the 
original (picture 2).
Picture 2 is copied from an open GIMP image and pasted into the enlarged canvas 
area of picture 1.
Picture 2 is invisible if it dragged outside the bounds of picture 1 into an 
open area of the canvas.
I can't figure out why that would be a useful design characteristic and how to 
change the situation to make the imported pictures visible on the expanded 

Probably something simple.

Lambertus (via gimpusers.com)
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