12/16/2010 6:21 AM keltezéssel, Lambertus írta:
>> Hello David and thank you for the quick reply!
>> Now, using the word "Canvas" rather than "Drawable area" makes things a lot
>> more sane immediately, and your
>> explanation is accurate and acceptable.
> Maybe this is the same situation I have.
> I have a picture (picture 1).
> I expand the size of the canvas to make room to copy another picture beside 
> the original (picture 2).
> Picture 2 is copied from an open GIMP image and pasted into the enlarged 
> canvas area of picture 1.
> Picture 2 is invisible if it dragged outside the bounds of picture 1 into an 
> open area of the canvas.
> I can't figure out why that would be a useful design characteristic and how 
> to change the situation to make the imported pictures visible on the expanded 
> canvas.
> Probably something simple.
> _____
> Bert

When you paste a new picture into your canvas, it becomes not a real 
layer, but a floating selection. If you click with a selection tool 
anywhere on your current layer, outside the floating selection, the 
floating selection becomes anchored down on the layer. Another 
possibility when you have the floating selection is to go to layers 
dialog, and click on new layer button (the white page). This will turn 
your floating selection to a layer, and it will be visible anywhere 
inside the canvas.

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