Am 16.12.2010 13:23, schrieb drwr:
>> On Wed, 2010-12-15 at 14:45 +0100, drwr wrote:
>>> This seems to be the problem.  Gimp will only save as either indexed
>>> or greyscale.  I can change the mode whenever I need to edit.
>> It's not GIMP who makes this decision. The file format you have chosen
>> (GIF) only supports grayscale or up to 256 indexed colors. Unless you
>> have a very good reason to use GIF, you should consider switching to PNG
>> instead.
>> Sven
> Thanks for this Sven.  The image is animated, so I am stuck with GIF.

Not quite. The animated pendant to PNG is MNG and also supported by
Gimp. It depends, however, whether the target application, i.e. the
application that should display the image, supports this image format,
as support for MNG is not yet as wide-spread as for PNG.


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