I recently upgraded to Gimp 2.7 from 2.6.x and I now find that I don't have 
pressure sensitivity in it anymore.
There's no "Pressure Sensitivity" dropdown menu in the tools.
I think it is enabled in Input Devices, however my setup screen doesnt look 
like any of the examples I find on the net where you got a dropdown-list where 
you can select "stylus". Mine is just all devices in a long table to the left. 
All pen related stuff is set to "screen" and I've tried to individually enable 
them one by one. Nothing is working.

I do have pen pressure in other apps like Xournal and Anime Studio. However I 
can't get it to work in Inkscape either.

I did upgrade my system from Ubuntu 9.04 to 10.04 some month or two ago and I 
can't recall that I've used any pressure sensitive since that so it is possible 
that it didn't work in Gimp 2.6 either after that upgrade.

Ubuntu 10.04, 64-bit on a FujitsuSiemens T5010 tablet pc.

d_rylander (via gimpusers.com)
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