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On 19 Dec 10 15:13 Mag Gam <magaw...@gmail.com> said:
> I would like to remove this time stamps. I was
> wondering what is the best way to do this in batch?

You cannot simply "remove" pixels from an image, you can only 
"replace" pixels of one colour with pixels of another.

If you plan a batch operation then I assume you're are asking to 
replace the area containing the time stamp with a rectangular block of
some colour. Is this your intension?

Another option would be to crop every image to exclude the timestamp 
from the resulting file.

You might be able to develop a script that would implement a 
simplistic bleeding of the colours surrounding the time stamp into the
area occupied by the timestamp, but such an approach would create a 
very blurry mess likely to make the resulting image unacceptable.

If you hoped to magically blend out the timestamp replacing it with 
the colours that would have been there had the camera not added the 
timestamp, then forget it. You cannot do that as a batch operation as 
every image would need to be treated individually.

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