gregtu...@yahoo.co.uk (2010-12-19 at 1535.06 -0000):
> Hi Mag,
> On 19 Dec 10 15:13 Mag Gam <magaw...@gmail.com> said:
> > I would like to remove this time stamps. I was
> > wondering what is the best way to do this in batch?
> If you hoped to magically blend out the timestamp replacing it with 
> the colours that would have been there had the camera not added the 
> timestamp, then forget it. You cannot do that as a batch operation as 
> every image would need to be treated individually.

If the time stamp is always the same colour and in the same place, the
script could select that colour, (grow the selection a bit,) then
intersect the selection with a rectangle to limit it to the zone where
the numbers appear. Finally run an inpainting filter, like the one in
CImg/GMIC. Depending on the image it will look more or less obvious.

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