On Sun, Dec 19, 2010 at 5:13 PM, Mag Gam <magaw...@gmail.com> wrote:
> This helps a lot and it works! Is there any documentation for this
> plug-in? I am curious to figure out what the other options are for...

Just quickly scanning the plug-in code, it seems that:

This one should be pretty self-explanatory :)
"Color of timestamp" = the timestamp color

These 5 control how aggressively the selection is made and filled in:
"Threshold" = analogous to the threshold level on the fuzzy select and
global color select tools
"Grow selection after color select" = same as Select->Grow from the menu
"Grow selection befor spread" = same as Select->Grow
"Spread count" = number of times to spread (see below)
"Spread value" = same as Filters->Noise->Spread

I'm not clear on these two:
"Offset count"
"Offset value"

I also quickly looked at the batch script, and it looks like you would
need to edit it a bit to make it work - eg changing the path to your
files, and editing the settings in this function:
so that they match the settings used when running the plug-in by hand.


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