On 12/26/2010 07:55 PM, Eric P wrote:
> GIMPers,
> Is there a way to create a gradient (black->white) based off a closed lasso 
> selection?  So the resulting gradient would
> start black along the edge of the selection and expand out to white in all 
> directions away from the selection.
> My end goal is to create a quick mask that I can blur to create a background 
> with an exaggerated out of focus look.
> Thanks for reading (hope that all made sense)!
> Eric

That's one of the uses of the WrapMap filter I wrote:


Added bonus: you can run WrapMap to create the wrapped gradient in the 
layer mask. And if you use the "curves" dialog/tool on the mask you can 
change the linear gradient to something else and thus control finely how 
the blur appears.

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