ok now heres the deal .. i do knw a tediously long and tiring way to fix this 
but i was hoping there would be an easier way

i have a background image around with i want to add an animated flaming text 
and a video which i converted to frames already. I have about 70 frames that i 
want to add, so i made a animated text that lasts 70 frames too... i just 
thought it was the logical thing to do ... 

now the way i know around it is to actually manually copy and paste each layer 
of the xcf i got from saving the animated text onto the each layer in a new xcf 
with the main background.. but for 70 odd frames that gonna be a pain. and i 
was thinking it would probably work with the frames i got from the video as 

so is there an easier way out .. im sure there is ... coz i opened the text xcf 
using open as layers... but dont knw how to merge the whole thing.

thanks in advance

rainman400 (via gimpusers.com)
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