GIMP-GAP plugin does what you want.

1. Convert your text into a GAP animation,
2. Convert your background into a gap animation (duplicate that single
frame 69 or however many times -- you can do the whole thing in a few
clicks using Video->Duplicate frames)
3. Use GAP's navigator to move to the first frame of both animations
(they must both be open in GIMP)
3. Use Video->Move Path, on the 'background' animation. Set the 'from frame' parameters to cover the entire number of frames and
select the text image as source.
Depending on whether the dimensions of your text animation match the
background, you may also want to adjust the X and Y offsets.

For animations of any complexity, I recommend you use GIMP-GAP. The
facilities built in to GIMP are really quite basic.

On Wed, Dec 29, 2010 at 6:11 AM, rainman400 <> wrote:
> ok now heres the deal .. i do knw a tediously long and tiring way to fix this 
> but i was hoping there would be an easier way
> i have a background image around with i want to add an animated flaming text 
> and a video which i converted to frames already. I have about 70 frames that 
> i want to add, so i made a animated text that lasts 70 frames too... i just 
> thought it was the logical thing to do ...
> now the way i know around it is to actually manually copy and paste each 
> layer of the xcf i got from saving the animated text onto the each layer in a 
> new xcf with the main background.. but for 70 odd frames that gonna be a 
> pain. and i was thinking it would probably work with the frames i got from 
> the video as well...
> so is there an easier way out .. im sure there is ... coz i opened the text 
> xcf using open as layers... but dont knw how to merge the whole thing.
> thanks in advance
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