Atrus wrote:
> I was aware of scheme scripting, but not of python. I'll have to look into
> that. It shouldn't be too difficult.
> However, I was going off of the "portable apps" version of GIMP as I was
> writing, which went from 0 to 360, not -180 to 180. Is that a version
> difference?

If you are using a portable version of GIMP, the files needed to support 
Python scripts are probably not available to you.

The -180 to 180 for hue is the range of the sliders in the GUI and is listed 
as the range in the Procedure Browser text in GIMP 2.6.7 (and later). The 
current version of GIMP as a portable app is 2.6.11 so it will have that 
same range.
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