I started up GIMP today (2.6.11 on Win 7 x64), and got an extended pause 
and the startup windows showed "reading patterns" as best I remember.  I 
do recall in the past fooling around some trying to add a pattern file, 
but can't remember exactly what I had done.  At any rate after an 
extended period GIMP started, but configured a bit differently.  Looking 
around my system I see that the

folder hierarchy seems to have been completely rebuilt.  Per the help 
that appears to be normal if local GIMP settings are missing or damaged. 
  But doing some mucking around, I found another copy from earlier in


I did a compare of the two folder hierarchies, and did find a reference 
to pattern-path and pattern-path-writable in the older gimprc.  So I 
backed up the new .gimp-2.6 and copied over the older one to 
C:\Users\<Username>\, except I kept the new gimprc, and now GIMP is 
loading OK (AFAICT) with my original .gimp=2.6.

So I guess I'm wondering what happened, and where is .gimp-2.6 supposed 
to be located in a Win 7 x64 system?

scott s.
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