Recently I decided to add the resynthesizer-0.16 plugin to my copy of the Gimp 
and realized I did not have the latest version of the Gimp so I upgraded to the 
current (stable) 2.6 version. After installing, the first thing I noticed was 
the lack of a menu bar on top of the tool bar and an intrusive new gimp image 
window with the missing menu bar on it. I've read plenty of posts about why 
this was done but I was wondering if there was a plugin available to return the 
menu bar to the tool bar and not have to have the other image window open. I 
went back a year or so and it seems as though there were plenty of other users 
wondering the same. 

I do not want to relaod an old version to get that feature back. I prefer to 
keep the toolbar tight to the right of my desktop and I also prefer to load my 
images through the menu process verses the 'drag & drop' method. 

Is there a helpful solution?

Pax294 (via
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