On 01/17/2011 10:31 AM, Jeremy Nell wrote:
> I am new to Gimp (converted from Photoshop because I migrated to
> Ubuntu).  Gimp is great and I'm enjoying its speed and power.  But I am
> struggling with a few things, some of which I'll mail to this list and
> hopefully get some feedback.
> When scaling an image, Gimp keeps the original image underneath the one
> being scaled.  I guess this is so that I can visually compare the
> difference in size before applying.
> However, this becomes less intuitive when you're dealing with, say, a
> detailed drawing.  When scaling, lines appear everywhere and it becomes
> messy.  I don't seem to have an option to hide the full-size image
> underneath; the closest is to give it a grid or outline, neither of
> which are helpful in this scenario.  Even making the underneath image
> 50% of its opacity would be more helpful.
> Or am I doing something wrong?
More like the latter I think... From what you describe, you are using 
the Scale tool, that is really meant to adjust layers over each other 
(and this will produce a smaller layer without reducing the global image 

If you want to scale the whole image. you should use the aptly located 
and named Image/Scale image :-)

Advice: in Edit/Preferences/Tools make sure that your scaling method is 
the right one: normally the best one is Sinc, but since it takes some 
CPU (though it's really OK with most images on recent PCs), the default 
method is a somewhat less CPU-intensive one.

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