Been working on Gimp for over a month (after working on Photoshop for a
decade) and can say that Gimp is very underrated.  Adobe can learn a lot
from Gimp.

Like picking up the Wacom tablet with ease.

One thing, however, that I find very confusing is how to map the Wacom
buttons and zoom-strip to the top left (not top right, because I'm
right-handed).  I've read everything on the Ubuntu Forums and still
struggle to figure out what's going on.

Firstly, Gimp sees my Wacom Intuous fine.  If I press the buttons
alongside the zoom-strip, then I can see the cursor changing.  But I'd
like to map those buttons to different commands.  Also, the zoom-strip
seems to move the viewing window; I want it to zoom, depending on how I
slide my finger.

Where / how do I do this?  Is there an "easy to follow" way?
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