>Can anyone explain to me in step 4, where to change the value to 4, it looks 
>like there is two places to do this. Then change opacity of layer to to 50%, I 
>don't see where to do this. Step 5, I really don't understand. Step 6, how do 
>you change the new layers mode to "Dodge"?

The tutorial which the questions are about can be found here 

Hello maple58,

i'll try to clear things up.

Step 4
I think the value of 4 should be applied to "Blur radius".
The opacity slider is above the layer list. You can either use the slider to 
set a value of 50 or enter it directly in the box right to the slider.

Step 5
Ignore the part up to the colon and then follow the instructions.
>right-click the layer in the Layers window and choose “Merge down”

Step 6
The layer mode setting is directly above the opacity slider. It should say 
"Normal". Click it or the arrow on the right and a drop down menu should open. 
Click on "Dodge" to make it the active layer mode.

If you still have any trouble maybe this picture helps.

durbarak (via gimpusers.com)
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