At 08:44 PM 1/20/2011, you wrote:
>Ray Tayek wrote:
> > yes, i tried a bunch of them at
> > but none of them are very good
>There is a problem with the set of sample conversions. The image produced by
>GIMP which is supposedly the "good" version of the image is larger than the
>other samples you show. If you can provide a link to the original eps file
>it would be possible to verify the expected look of the image using 

i put one here:

>I have a strong suspicion that the "good" image you obtained using GIMP may
>not be an accurate representation of the original source file. ..

yes. someone else has also pointed this out.

i did use daves batch thing for gimp on a bunch of eps files and got 
some fair results. you can see them here:



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