Ray Tayek wrote:
> i put one here: http://tayek.com/bobt/images/page3.eps

I looked at the contents of the source file. Ignoring the scaling factor in 
the image, all lines are 0.8 points with the exception of the outside border 
which has a width of 1.92 points.

You can see the thicker border when the image is viewed with the ghostscript 
viewer program, gv. If the conversion from eps to something else doesn't 
produce an image with slightly thicker outside borders than the rest of the 
horizontal and vertical lines, you aren't getting a true view of the image.

Any discrepancy could be due to a number of factor. Bugs in the code, for a 
start, or the size of the output image may be insufficient to allow you to 
see the different line widths.

What might also be affecting image quality when using convert are options 
such as anti-aliasing. I just generated a 400x400 pixel image and the 
quality of the lines was not what I was expecting. Possibly a case of a 
program trying to be too helpful.

> http://tayek.com/bobt/images/gimp/dbp.html

Hm... I'm starting to think these images have something to do with learning 
strategy for Go.

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