I'm not a developer, so please don't slate me.  I'm merely querying.

I have six gigs of DDR3 RAM, an i7, and have allocated Gimp three gigs 
of RAM.  My understand is that Gimp should run pretty smoothly.  And it 

Except for when my file sizes increase.

Let's say I'm working on an A3 page, at 300 DPI.  If I grab a large 
brush and paint quickly, then the brush's response isn't immediate; it's 
delayed and follows my Wacom activity a few moments later.

Is this a result of Gimp's engine?  Or is it that my PC is too slow 
(which seems unlikely)?

Furthermore, what can I do to make Gimp run at its absolute fastest in 
Ubuntu?  I'd greatly appreciate tips and tweaks.
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