According to all the literature, when saving a .tif file, LZW Compression is
lossless. My project involves many large scans of individual items. I can
scan several at once and then I use Gimp to cut and paste the individual
items to their own file (Copy-paste-save as). They are themselves very large
files, some as much as 800mb. I'd like to use LZW as it appears to compress
these files to where they are about 60% of the non-lzw file size. My
question is whether or not anyone knows of any image disadvantages, is there
anything about LZW that would allow a loss of any visual fidelity? These
scans are important because they are able to be viewed down to the pixel
level and such close examination of the scanned objects is part of an
ongoing research project, so any loss of what can be seen, or anything which
would cause false artifacts in the image are to be avoided. Anyone have any
thoughts in this regard?

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