On 01/23/2011 08:20 AM, Jenette wrote
>> So let's fix this first... did you reinstall as recommended? Can you
>> open a command prompt, and do:
>>       dir "c:Program Files\Gimp2.6" /s>gimpinstall.txt
>>   and paste the results here (replace "c:Program Files\Gimp2.6" by
>> whatever directory Gimp has been installed in)
> Well it said :
> dir "c:Program Files (86x)\.gimp-2.6" /s>gimpinstall.txt
> The system cannot find the file specified.
> (Sorry for the long reply...)

Wrong directory. name ... .gimp-2.6 is a directory in your user file 
space where Gimp keeps your own settings. The directory I'm talking 
about must be called Gimp-2.0 (if my memory is good) without leading 
dot. It should be easy to spot with the file explorer.

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