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> On 01/23/2011 08:20 AM, Jenette wrote
> >> So let's fix this first... did you reinstall as recommended? Can you
> >> open a command prompt, and do:
> >>       dir "c:Program Files\Gimp2.6" /s>gimpinstall.txt
> >>   and paste the results here (replace "c:Program Files\Gimp2.6" by
> >> whatever directory Gimp has been installed in)
> > Well it said :
> > dir "c:Program Files (86x)\.gimp-2.6" /s>gimpinstall.txt
> > The system cannot find the file specified.
> >
> > (Sorry for the long reply...)

The method I suggested earlier with using the tab key for completion should
work.  It is not case sensitive, if you type a lower case g and it should be
upper case that will be fixed when you hit the tab key.  If nothing happens
when you hit the tab key then something in the partial path you have is

By the way, you said you were using windows, but, unless I missed it, you
did not say which version.

Are you using XP, Vista, or windows 7?  If its windows 7, is it the 32 or 64
bit version?

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