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>> >So let's fix this first... did you reinstall as recommended? Can you
>> >open a command prompt, and do:
>> >      dir "c:Program Files\Gimp2.6" /s >gimpinstall.txt
>> >  and paste the results here (replace "c:Program Files\Gimp2.6" by
>> >whatever directory Gimp has been installed in)
>> Well it said :
>> dir "c:Program Files (86x)\.gimp-2.6" /s >gimpinstall.txt
>> The system cannot find the file specified.
>> Try it again without the dot in front of gimp and with a slash after c:

>dir "c:\Program Files (86x)\gimp-2.6" /s >gimpinstall.txt

>That is, if your program files directory actually include (86x).

>If you get the same result, here is something else to try.

>At the dos prompt, type "c:\program
>then hit the tab key.  It should fill in the rest of the program files
>directory.  The directory name will be followed by double quotes, press the
>backspace key once to remove the "

>Then type: \gimp

>and hit the tab key again.  It should fill in the rest of the gimp directory

>Then type the closing quote and add  /s >gimpinstall.txt

>Your determination is impressive.  Keep it up, you'll get there.


Thank you for the support.
I am on my other computer, and downloaded Gimp here, and the filters work FINE!~
I will try that when I'm on my other computer.
Thank you SO MUCH for helping!
Also, same to the others who are helping me so much!

Jenette (via gimpusers.com)
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