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> >If you get the same result, here is something else to try.
> >At the dos prompt, type "c:\program
> >then hit the tab key.  It should fill in the rest of the program files
> >directory.  The directory name will be followed by double quotes, press
> the
> >backspace key once to remove the "
> >Then type: \gimp
> >and hit the tab key again.  It should fill in the rest of the gimp
> directory
> >name.
> >Then type the closing quote and add  /s >gimpinstall.txt
Did you try using the tab key?  That really should work.  You can even do it
with a bit less typing.

dir "c:\prog <tab>  then c:\program files" should appear.  Then backspace to
erase the quote after files and type \g then hit the tab key.  If something
other then gimp appears just keep hitting the tab key and it should show the
other things that begin with g.  If none of those is a gimp directory, then
you definitely should reinstall.

> Thank you for the support.
> I am on my other computer, and downloaded Gimp here, and the filters work
> FINE!~
> I will try that when I'm on my other computer.
> Thank you SO MUCH for helping!
> Also, same to the others who are helping me so much!
You are welcome.  Hope this gets resolved.  It might be worth reinstalling
if you can't get past this problem.

Is the computer that you just installed gimp on that works also running
windows 7 64 bit?

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