mamboze wrote:
> I'm having a problem accessing Script-Fu. As I understand it, when I
> click on Filters>Script-Fu>Refresh Scripts, a menu should appear
> alongside Filters.

That is incorrect. Script-Fu scripts are loaded during the time when the 
splash screen is showing "Starting Extensions" with "extension-script-fu" 
below that. The "Refresh Scripts" menu is used to reload script-fu scripts 
after a file was changed without the need to restart GIMP.

> The scripts I want to use are Script-Fu > Layer Effects > Drop Shadow,
> ...> Inner Shadow, ...> Bevel and Emboss.

Plug-ins and scripts are no longer in the menus based on the language used 
to create the script but based on their functionality. Most of them are 
located under the Filters menu.

For example, Drop Shadow is under the Light and Shadow sub-menu of the 
Filters menu. Bevel is under Artistic, and Emboss is under Distort.
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