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> On Sun, 30 Jan 2011 17:24:37 -0500, Jay Smith wrote:
> > Though giving M$ access is the definition of compromised as far as I
> > am concerned.
> What kind of access, and what do you mean by "phone home"? If you're
> that paranoid about Windows Update, you can always prevent the service
> from running (and it's easy to shut up the notification centre as
> well).

Oh oh, he's been drinking the koolaid.  What we FOSS people are objecting 
to is the WGA that gets installed with SP2 I believe it was, and this thing 
does phone home on every reboot to check if its a legally purchased and 
registered copy, AND that it is running on the same hardware it was 
originally installed on.  Change a hard drive because it went face down in 
the pool, and you have to buy _another_ copy of windows.  And if someone 
publishes a way to defeat this "feature", they find a DMCA take down notice 
from M$ the next day.

And windows people wonder why us Linux folks hate windows.  We don't hate 
windows per sei, but we don't trust it either.  We aren't pirates, but I 
have been known to lose my cool when, in trying to rescue a company windows 
box, some damned worm has renamed a centrally needed windows dll and all I 
wanted was a clean copy of it.  But I was a pirate, despite having all the 
original paperwork and serial numbers to prove I had a legal copy of 
NT-3.51, I had to buy another copy to get that file.

Microsoft has well earned the enmity of millions of its users, users who do 
not understand there are alternatives available.

Cheers, Gene
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