d...@shadowdrama.net (2011-02-01 at 2254.23 +0200):
> On Tue, Feb 01, 2011 at 08:54:11PM +0100, mintakax wrote:
> > I often use photoshop to open binary flat files, either 8 or 16 bit
> > depth. In photoshop if I select open using photoshop raw format, a
> > dialog box pops up asking what the image dimensions are (ie, 512x512),
> > the number of channels (ie 1), the bit depth and the byte order.
> It's the same in GIMP. Since raw data can't really be autodetected you
> need to select "raw image data" as the file type in the File open
> dialog.

Ooops, right... yet another reminder of why I hate interfaces that
hide and forget you opened the "|>". I just noticed the selector now,
different than the filtering one.

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