phorg...@yahoo.com (2011-02-01 at 1834.43 -0800):
> On 02/01/2011 01:24 PM, GSR - FR wrote:
> > ... elision by patrick ...
> > Ooops, right... yet another reminder of why I hate interfaces that
> > hide and forget you opened the "|>". I just noticed the selector now,
> > different than the filtering one.
> If the data has an extension of .data on the file name is it 
> automatically detected?

The hidden list shows no extension(s) for raw and ".data" files are
not shown when the other selector is set to "All images", so I
doubt. You will probably have to open the dialog, change the filter to
show all files as well as pick RAW from the other list, then select
the file. Yes, it sounds repetitive and the forced format option seems
to be always closed and forgotten (tried it with PNGs). I also tried
drag and drop with random file named "foo.data", it caused an error.

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