I've asked this before, with no answers.  My aim, as a happy Gimp user, 
is not to slate the software, but to improve it.  I am not a developer, 
but rather a digital artist who uses Gimp extensively.

Working on large canvases, I see that Gimp slows down, where rendering 
is concerned.  For example, if I have a complex artwork and I want to 
hide certain layers, then a simple click on the eye icon in the layer 
takes a lot longer than it should.  As much as developers hate 
comparisons, this simple task is generally quicker in Photoshop.

Another obvious "problem" is that, again, on a large canvas (A4 and up, 
300DPI), the brushes - when increased in scale - lag behind the mouse / 
stylus.  This indicates to me that Gimp's rendering engine could be 
quicker.  Again, I've compared the exact same task in Photoshop (CS3) 
and it is considerably quicker (even with less RAM) allocated to it.

Speaking of which, I am using an i7 PC with 3 gigs of RAM allocated to 
Gimp alone, so I'm not sure how to make Gimp's response time any quicker.

Will the next release of Gimp be a bit quicker?  And what tips can 
anyone give?
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