On 02/02/2011 03:32 PM, Jeremy Nell wrote:
> I've asked this before, with no answers.  My aim, as a happy Gimp user,
> is not to slate the software, but to improve it.  I am not a developer,
> but rather a digital artist who uses Gimp extensively.
> Working on large canvases, I see that Gimp slows down, where rendering
> is concerned.  For example, if I have a complex artwork and I want to
> hide certain layers, then a simple click on the eye icon in the layer
> takes a lot longer than it should.  As much as developers hate
> comparisons, this simple task is generally quicker in Photoshop.
> Another obvious "problem" is that, again, on a large canvas (A4 and up,
> 300DPI), the brushes - when increased in scale - lag behind the mouse /
> stylus.  This indicates to me that Gimp's rendering engine could be
> quicker.  Again, I've compared the exact same task in Photoshop (CS3)
> and it is considerably quicker (even with less RAM) allocated to it.
> Speaking of which, I am using an i7 PC with 3 gigs of RAM allocated to
> Gimp alone, so I'm not sure how to make Gimp's response time any quicker.
> Will the next release of Gimp be a bit quicker?  And what tips can
> anyone give?

Same here,

I would like some advice on this too :)

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