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>> On 02/01/2011 01:24 PM, GSR - FR wrote:
>> > ... elision by patrick ...
>> > Ooops, right... yet another reminder of why I hate interfaces that
>> > hide and forget you opened the "|>". I just noticed the selector now,
>> > different than the filtering one.
>> If the data has an extension of .data on the file name is it 
>> automatically detected?

>The hidden list shows no extension(s) for raw and ".data" files are
>not shown when the other selector is set to "All images", so I
>doubt. You will probably have to open the dialog, change the filter to
>show all files as well as pick RAW from the other list, then select
>the file. Yes, it sounds repetitive and the forced format option seems
>to be always closed and forgotten (tried it with PNGs). I also tried
>drag and drop with random file named "foo.data", it caused an error.


Thanks for all the replies !  When I pick All Files and then activate the 
Select File Type, the drop down list does not contain a "RAW".. the list is 
alphabetical and PostScript document is followed by Scalable Graphic IRIS image 
The GIMP we have installed is 2.2.33  is this an old rev ?
And to answer a previous question, the results of the file command for these 
files I am trying to open is: data

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