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On 04 Feb 11 03:48 "Owen" <rc...@pcug.org.au> said:
> 1. Rotate the image
> 2. Cut out the background (color to alpha if possible)
> 3. Alpha to selection
> 4. Copy/Cut and Paste as new image with transparent background
> 5. Save as png

It was 2004 when I produced this image:
so I can't remember exactly how I made it.

It appears on this page:

But I think it was:

1. Scan book
2. Scale Image
3. Add Drop Sadow
4. Merge Layers
5. Increase Canvas size
6. Rotate Image
7. Set Background colour to pink
8. Save as JPG

The book is still available but a bit dated these days. No royalties 
for the last five years. <Fx: Sobs!>

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