crutledge wrote:
> When I was running GIMP 2+ under Win XP all icons of *.xcf displayed the
> image in the icon.
> Under Win 7, only the GIMP icon is displaed. Is there a CODEC or other
> method to have the *.xcf image to display properly as an icon?

The problems is one of file associations and nothing to do with codecs. The 
GIMP installer should (allow you to) set the file extensions for you. If it 
hasn't done this, you can right click an image, select "Open With", select 
the program that will be used to open the file (in this case GIMP), then 
click the checkbox to say "always use this program". All image files with 
extensions matching the type of the image you selected will appear with the 
GIMP icon. Repeat the above for other image types you want to default to 
being opened with GIMP.

The above is based on what I used to do in Windows XP. The steps should be 
similar in Windows 7.
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