On 02/14/2011 03:05 AM, . wrote:
> On 02/13/2011 08:43 PM, Patrick Horgan wrote:
>> On 02/11/2011 12:47 AM, Greg Chapman wrote:
>>> Hi Peace,
>>> On 11 Feb 11 03:58 Owen<rc...@pcug.org.au>   said:
>>>> I think you need 2 images, one normal, the other activated on "mouse
>>>> over"
>>>> Not part of the image map function.
>>>> Just create your highlight image and activate it with the mouse over
>>> Owen is right. An HTML image map only causes links to appear on a
>>> single image. You do need additional images, or a way of causing a
>>> single image to appear in different locations to produce a "highlight"
>>> when the pointer moves over the image.
>> Here's a useful tutorial I did on rollovers once, it's the same idea.
>> http://dbp-consulting.com/rollovers.html
>> The alternate images I did were all done with gimp.
>> Patrick
> That's pretty neat.  The fun part will be figuring it out for my page.
You might want to look at http://www.netzgesta.de/mapper/ too.

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