On 02/16/2011 05:13 PM, Jeremy Nell wrote:
> Is there a way to remove some of the "save as" file formats from the
> list (when saving a file as...)?  After numerous years in my field,
> there are a number of file formats I have - and probably never will -
> need to save my files as.  If I could remove some of them, then it would
> speed up my workflow (so that I don't have to scroll down every time I
> save a file).

I assume these come from the file codec plug-ins.

If you remove/rename some of the file-* plugins in lib/gimp/2.0/plug-ins 
the corresponding formats could disappear from the list. A scrub of 
pluginrc could also be necessary.

Note: I never tried the above but that would be my first shot at the 

I never said this and this post will self-destruct...

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