No! There are some plugins that attempt to align images for HDR purposes, but I 
have not found anything adequate to the job of focus stacking.

I use this technique a great deal in producing photographs of insects to 
illustrate keys.

If you want open source, try Hugin. You can use align_image_stack.exe to do the 
necessary image alignment and adjust magnification (but maybe that is not 
necessary for Astronomy) and then enfuse.exe to do the actual image merging.

Helicon Focus is probably the leading commercial package. The results from 
Hugin and Helicon are indistiguishable in my tests, but Helicon has a nice user 
interface and is much faster because it makes better use of multiple CPUs 
(align_image_stack is single threaded, enfuse has a limited multi-threaded 
version). There is a free 30-day trial version of Helicon and the licence is 
not expensive.

I use GIMP to do the post-processing once I have a completed stack. Often needs 
all the usual exposure adjustments, rotation, etc. - and removal of specimen 

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