On 02/17/2011 03:00 AM, Suntot wrote:
> Well, I am new at this. Not even sure if what I am attempting is possible. I 
> am trying to change a specific color in an image. If I use 'color selection' 
> the edges don't change color. So I am trying to use color to alpha... But, 
> when I select by color, it seems to select all similar color in the area, 
> thus when I add a new layer it does the change the color I wanted to change, 
> but it also changes the rest of the image with a similar color tone. What can 
> I do to precisely select a specific color or portion of an image with color 
> to alpha?

Color-to-alpha only applies to the selection, so you can restrict its 
effects by doing a selection first. For instance to remove a background, 
use the wand to get a rough selection of the background, grow the 
selection by  a couple of pixels so that it includes the edges of the 
foreground, and perform color-to-alpha.

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