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> No! There are some plugins that attempt to align images for HDR purposes, but 
> I have not found anything adequate to the job of focus stacking.
> I use this technique a great deal in producing photographs of insects to 
> illustrate keys.
> If you want open source, try Hugin. You can use align_image_stack.exe to do 
> the necessary image alignment and adjust magnification (but maybe that is not 
> necessary for Astronomy) and then enfuse.exe to do the actual image merging.
> Helicon Focus is probably the leading commercial package. The results from 
> Hugin and Helicon are indistiguishable in my tests, but Helicon has a nice 
> user interface and is much faster because it makes better use of multiple 
> CPUs (align_image_stack is single threaded, enfuse has a limited 
> multi-threaded version). There is a free 30-day trial version of Helicon and 
> the licence is not expensive.
> I use GIMP to do the post-processing once I have a completed stack. Often 
> needs all the usual exposure adjustments, rotation, etc. - and removal of 
> specimen pins.

Darktable also does HDR as of version 0.8 :) 
I haven't tried it yet. 

See also and

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